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A revolutionary new strategy to free your body from the stranglehold of stress.

Stress is the body’s response to any type of threat putting the body into its fight or flight response. But when stress becomes relentless (and becomes distress), it can force the body into a closed loop of fight or flight responses that rob the energy required to support your rest, repair and regenerative functions. Lack of function expresses itself in the form of health problems. BIO-RES Relax is formulated to provide the specific resonant plant energies to help restore proper energy flow to your rest, repair and regenerative functions, thus getting you into a state of well-being.


Every plant obtains its energy from the sun. It is converted into a specific set of vibrational frequencies that support the bioelectric signaling impulses that flow back and forth between your brain and specific glands, organs and tissues. In physics, resonance is the phenomenon in which one vibrating system (e.g. a plant) energizes another system (e.g. the body) to elevate with greater amplitude of specific frequencies. BIO-RES Relax has been formulated to provide the specific resonant energy frequencies that your body needs to help restore proper function to the rest and repair mechanisms in your brain, glands and organs in order to help offset the negative affects that relentless stress can have on your health.



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"I am a military veteran. Ever since I've started taking BIO-RES Relax, my stress response has dramatically changed. I no longer live in a state of fear and dread. I wish I had this stuff years ago."

 - Dave C.

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"I'm not typically a stressed or worries person, so I didn't see a need for me to try Relax. A friend finally persuaded me to give it a shot. Within 15 minutes of my first sprays I felt a wave of relaxation wash over me. All the stiffness in my  muscles disappeared and I felt my brain get lighter (if that makes any sense). Long story short, I have been taking Relax everyday for the past week and I am hooked. I highly recommend trying Relax."  

- Sarah K.

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"Candi tested me for BIO-RES Relax because I was experiencing random stress attacks. I've been on Relax for a few days now and not only have the stress attacks went away, but I've also never felt so happy. I am beyond grateful for Candi and Relax!"

- Tricia P.

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Meet Candi Frazier

Candi Frazier, FNTP, BCHN, is a leader in the revolution for a more natural lifestyle.  She believes in supporting wellness, happiness, and longevity through intention - intentionally eating well, intentionally caring for you and your family, intentionally living.  She is the founder and practitioner of The Family Holistic and has seen over 2,000 different clients with over 7,000 unique visits.  And she's taught hundreds of medical doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals about the power of nutrition and supplementation.  

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