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Lose Weight Naturally.


Candi Frazier, BCHN, FNTP

I've searched for years to find a natural product to help my clients lose weight and keep it off that doesn't cost a fortune and that doesn't require a drastic change in lifestyle. Today, I can confidently tell you that I found it.  It is called BIO-RES Thermo and it has changed my life and the lives of my clients. It can change your life next.

What is BIO-RES Thermo?

BIO-RES Thermo represents the next leap in supplement technology, and more importantly, efficacy.  BIO-RES is water that is resonated with a proprietary blend of specific herbs to unlock and support bioelectrical pathways for an efficient fat burning metabolism.  It is the missing link for weight control and a healthy metabolic process that supports both daytime energy and nighttime sleep.

The blend of herbs obtain their energy from the sun, which is converted into a specific set of vibrational frequencies that trigger the metabolic processes required to achieve sustainable weight control.


How does it work?

Water holds energy, specifically resonance. Think of vibratory waves emanating from nature. Everything in nature vibrates at a frequency. Plants vibrate at specific frequencies. And that vibration oscillates and transfers to the cells of your body, causing your body to vibrate at the same level. 

Have you ever seen someone hold two tuning forks, one of which is vibrating, and the other starts vibrating as well? In that example, the vibration is transferred through the frequency of the waves to the other tuning fork causing it to vibrate.

We have cells and energetic processes in our body that are like the receiving tuning fork. But our environment lacks the resonance to cause these cells and processes to vibrate (and activate). BIO-RES is like the tuning fork that is hit with a hammer, entering the human body and awakening specific metabolic processes in the body that are dormant.

BIO-RES Thermo is Energy.

BIO-RES is all energy and no matter.  When the body processes matter (i.e. medicinal plants or herbs), it creates ‘noise’.  While the ‘signal’ (i.e. the health properties) of a plant may be strong, the processes to break down the matter so that the beneficial portions are utilized results in additional processes that the body has to undergo, thereby lessening the body’s ability to process ‘just the good stuff’.  

I think of it like fire.  The heat from fire warms us, but it results in smoke and ash.  When we consume medicinal plants and herbs, our body has to clean up the smoke and ash created as a byproduct of its digestion.

But BIO-RES is different.  It is 100% signal and 0% noise.  There is heat, but not smoke and ash.  The signal is transferred to the body with perfect conductivity and no distraction.  The energy products provide a perfect solution, a clean signal with no noise.


Meet the Inventor, Dr. Thomas Wilson.

BIO-RES Thermo is the 220th supplement that Dr. Wilson has placed into the marketplace.  Dr. Wilson is a chiropractor who has conducted over 1.3 million patient visits and has a degree in Chemistry from UC-Berkeley.  I had the privilege of interviewing him about his BIO-RES products.  Check out the interview on my YouTube page by clicking the image below.


Want More?  Try BIO-RES Thermo and Sleep.

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See Others' Success!

If you want to see how BIO-RES Thermo (and Sleep) are changing lives, check out my FB group, Alovea Summer Weight Loss Challenge - just ask to join and we will let you in.  There are hundreds of success stories and the testimonials are flying in!

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