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Seasonal Allergies Protocol

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Protocol Guide

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How it works

What's included in the protocol?

Nobody like seasonal allergies, they're not quite enough to call in sick to work but just enough to ruin your day. The seasonal allergies protocol is designed to alleviate current symptoms and reduce future symptoms.

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Recommended Dosage 

Quercetin 500
Nettle Leaf 1:2
2 per day
1 teaspoon per day
3 per day

Meet Candi Frazier

Candi Frazier, FNTP, BCHN, is a leader in the revolution for a more natural lifestyle.  She believes in supporting wellness, happiness, and longevity through intention - intentionally eating well, intentionally caring for you and your family, intentionally living.  She is the founder and practitioner of The Family Holistic and has seen over 2,000 different clients with over 7,000 unique visits.  And she's taught hundreds of medical doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals about the power of nutrition and supplementation.  

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