Candi Frazier, BCHN, FNTP

Owner and Lead Practitioner

Our mission at The Family Holistic is to help clients become the healthiest version of themselves using products that come from nature.  We believe in using professional-grade supplementation as a first line of defense against many of the health challenges our clients face and are excited to share our tips and tricks with you!



March 17th and 24th

Candi will give an hour-long lecture on the health impact that Over-The-Counter medications have on our bodies as well as provide alternative natural solutions.  Candi has worked with thousands of clients using functional-medicine-grade supplementation and is going to share how we can use it to replace the toxic products in our medicine cabinets.  Those that attend will receive 10% off on any of the Natural Medicine Cabinet products we discuss!  

Other Details: The free class is open to anyone that is interested in attending and you can bring a friend or family member if you like (just send us a message).  The link to sign up sends you to our online booking site.  Once you RSVP, you are fully registered.  

We are happy to answer any questions you have; please send them to contact@thefamilyholistic.com