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What are Candi's credentials?

Candi is a Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and is Board-Certified in Holistic Nutrition.  She studied under a chiropractor for years and, after passing her board certification, taught nutrition classes to medical doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals.

How are the visits structured?

Each client's visit structure is unique, but most clients schedule their visits six to eight weeks apart.

How much do the visits cost?

For adults, new client visits are $149 and last 30 minutes; follow-up visits are $55 and last 15 minutes.  For children, new client visits are $60 and last 20 minutes; follow-up visits are $35 and last 15 minutes. 

Do you see pets?

Yes - we can help with pets as well.  We focus on dogs and cats in our office and see horses remotely.

What supplements do you carry?

We carry supplements that are not available at normal retail stores.  The supplements we recommend and sell are limited to credentialed or licensed healthcare professionals.  There is a dramatic difference in the quality of supplements available in the market.  We take great care to ensure the supplements we carry are the highest quality.

Do you ship supplements?

Yes.  All orders over $100 qualify for free shipping.


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