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The body is smart.  Give it what it wants and it will do the rest.



Services & Prices

I help clients save money on supplements. How?  Let me tell you.  But first, why? Because so many of my clients come to me after spending hundreds and thousands on over-the-counter, junk supplements that, at their best, provide no benefit, and at their worst, do actual harm to the body.

So, what are we? We are supplement 'concierges' (loose definition). Why do you take you car in for an oil change? You could do it yourself, right? But you'd be guessing at which oil to use, you would have to find every component on your vehicle, and then, between oil changes you'd have just enough time to forget what you learned.

It's the same thing with supplements. You're guessing. Why do I know that? Because I was! And I hate guessing. So I kept looking until I found a way to ask the body directly what it wants. And that's what I do. I don't sell supplements. I am simply a 'conduit' that can translate your body's many cries for [insert supplement] and offer the highest-quality version of [insert supplement] that you'll find.

Sure, I sell supplements, but that's not how I think of it. I think of it as helping you save time, money, and the incredible frustration of guessing. I exist for the same reason that an oil change business exist. I am the 'easy button' for supplements.

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