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A Results-Driven Method

Using acupuncture and chiropractic concepts, we identify energy meridians that run throughout the body and palpate (apply pressure) to determine if those meridians need support.  Those energy meridians are linked to specific organs and processes throughout the body.  We can find the bio-individual needs of each body within five to ten minutes by using those points as reference. 

With thousands of client success stories, we have seen first-hand how fast people get results.


A Nutrition Plan You Can Stick To

We carry the highest quality professional supplements on the market (typically carried by functional medicine doctors).  We use those supplements during our testing process leveraging neural lingual testing (energetic taste response) to determine which supplement(s) is right for you. 


Our clients see results fast.  Between the supplement recommendations and other lifestyle changes, clients typically see dramatic improvements within 30 days and often within two weeks.


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First time in today and was blown away by so many great things: top notch customer service, unique products that are good for our health, in-house practitioner and a wealth of knowledge on products and overall health suggestions. A must-try for all!

-Lora M. (FB Review)

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I’ve been seeing Candi over a year about sleep and stress. She is awesome! She listens to my concerns with an empathy and truly cares. She is very knowledgeable and offers great insights. I highly recommend Family Holistic for great health choices.

-Peggy M. (FB Review)

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I feel better than I have ever felt before! I’ve been going to see Candi at The Family Holistic for six months, and the changes I have experienced are more than amazing. It’s not a miracle pill or a quick fix wrap to melt the years and inches away. It’s a transformation - inwardly and outwardly. Yes, I’ve lost weight & my skin and hair are healthier, but those are bonuses. The best rewards for following the plan Candi set for me are the energy, clear thinking & focus, no more digestion issues, and blood tests so good I don’t take any medication (at my age that’s rare). There’s also the fact that my right ear is no longer plugged up, and I don’t choke on food anymore. So many wonderful changes in my life. I thank God for helping me find Candi, and I think you will too. Try it; you’re worth it.

-Rita G. (Google Review)

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