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Our Approach

We take a two-prong approach; identify the problem and find the solution.  We do both differently than the mainstream model. 

Identify the Problem: Using acupuncture and chiropractic concepts, we identify and assess energy meridians that run throughout the body to determine if those meridians need support.  Those energy meridians are linked to specific organs and processes throughout the body.  We can find the energetic bio-individual needs of each body within five to ten minutes by using those points as reference. 

Find the Solution: We carry the highest quality professional supplements on the market (typically carried by functional medicine doctors).  We use those supplements during our energy testing process, leveraging neural lingual testing (energetic taste response) to determine which supplement(s) is(are) right for you. 

Our clients see results fast.  Between the supplement recommendations and other lifestyle changes, clients typically see dramatic improvements within 30 days and often within two weeks.

Service Fees

First Visit - Adult


30 to 35 minutes

The First Visit is a two-prong approach consisting of an Initial Interview and a Functional Evaluation.

Essentially, I get to know you and then we test your body using my accu-pressure technique.  Watch my video below to learn more about becoming a client.

Follow-Up Visit - Adult


15 to 20 minutes

Usually scheduled six to twelve weeks apart, we catch up briefly and I fine-tune your supplement protocol based on my accu-pressure testing technique. 

First Visit - Child (1-14yo)


20 minutes

The same as a First Visit for an adult, but kids are typically more simple so the visits are shorter.

Follow-Up Visit - Child

15 minutes

The same as a Follow-Up Visit for an adult, but typically spaced further apart.

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