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Candi - Mom​

Before moving to Wisconsin in January 2020, Candi lived in her home town in Port Angeles, Washington.  A former hair stylist, Candi decided to follow her dream and started her career in nutrition in 2012.  In 2018, she met Tom and they worked as a team to build a practice where their clients could come to truly heal.  


Tom - Dad​

Before venturing into nutrition, Tom worked as a CPA and investment banker at a nearby accounting firm.  After several health challenges that couldn't be diagnosed by modern medical practices, he sought the counsel of a nutritionist who helped him overcome and heal from his symptoms (that nutritionist was none other than his sister, Alex).  Tom's dream is to help people heal at the root cause; no drugs, no chemicals, no side effects.



Shawn's loves to forage for food.  He spends most of his free time on the farm in the woods looking for edible mushrooms or other edible plants.  Shawn is also a maverick with a chainsaw and the tractor and is an instrumental part of our household.



Rob is known at our house as Chicken Manager.  He makes sure our flock of chickens is well-fed and happy.  Rob loves to play basketball and hang out with his friends.  But he also loves the country life.  If you can't find Rob, he's probably out hunting for rabbits.



Grafton loves to be around his family and his friends.  He loves to ride his bike and color with crayons.  But he also loves following Dad around the farm and learn new things.  You can always count on Grafton for a helping hand.



Sloan is our family goofball.  She loves making all kinds of faces and won't stop until the entire family is laughing.  She also loves playing with chickens, searching for flowers to put in her hair, and picking raspberries.  

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