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Collagen Matcha Energizer

Collagen Matcha Energizer


This is much more than matcha. This superfood blend boosts energy, fights fatigue, helps balance stress, promotes positivity†… And delivers all the full body benefits of collagen.


  • Lightly sweetened matcha green tea flavor
  • Contains 33mg caffeine from matcha
  • Clinically proven ingredient to promote healthy energy†
  • Promotes a positive mindset†
  • Helps alleviate the effects of stress & tension†
  • Promotes mental clarity & concentration†
  • Supports healthy hair, skin, nails, joints & gut†
  • Improves appearance of crow's feet after 28 days†
  • Promotes healthy hair thickness & growth while reducing hair breakage†
  • Contains cutting-edge, clinically studied, fermented eggshell membrane collagen for enhanced benefits
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