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Thriving Woman

Thriving Woman

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THRIVING WOMAN provides an emphasis on the Energy Nutrients that females require. This product is complementary to Metabolic Assist, which covers all systems in their native hierarchical energetic patterns. This product is designed to enhance quality of life and provide confidence to meet demands of the day while restoring the passions of everyday life; put simply, this product will make you feel more like you. The result is a support system for every female aspect of life.

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    Every plant obtains its energy from the sun, which is converted into a set of vibrational frequencies that support the bio-electric signaling impulses that flow between your brain and specific glands, organs and tissues. This phenomenon in which one vibrating system (e.g., a plant) drives another system (e.g., the body) to oscillate at greater amplitude is called resonance. Resonance captured in water through the Bio-Transfer Technology is known as Energy Nutrients. THRIVING WOMAN provides the Energy Nutrients that support a female’s ability to fully express herself, confidently and passionately.

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