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Candi Frazier, BCHN, FNTP

We all want to have a strong immune system and not just for cold and flu season.  My recommendation is a supplement called IMMUN, which:

What is IMMUN?

IMMUN contains an ingredient called Acemannan.  Acemannan is the most immune-modulating natural compound ever discovered, but is not a vitamin or mineral. It's a glyconutrient, which is a separate class of supplement unlike anything on the market. It has been clinically proven to improve your macrophage activity by up to 1,000%.  Your macrophage are the white blood cells that serve as your immune system. Acemannan also boost stem cell production by 300% to 400%, increases glutathione, a major antioxidant, by 50%, and has a variety of other health-promoting effects.  Check out my video below to learn more!

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  1. Boosts macrophage activity by 1000%

  2. Increases stem cell production by 300% - 400%

  3. Elevates glutathione by 50%

Immune Boosting Supplement
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How does it work? (The Science)

On the surface of every cell in the body are structures that transfer biological data called Glycans. Macrophage (immune cells) read the glycan structures on other cells to determine if they are healthy, need repair, or need to be destroyed. Pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi as well as diseased or aberrant cells express a particular sugar, called mannose, at the end of their glycan structures. Healthy cells do not. When a Macrophage detects a cell expressing mannose it begins to destroy it and instructs the immune system to send back up.

Acemannan, when digested, breaks down into mannose. Mannose is absorbed into the body by Mannose receptors along the digestive track and pumped directly into the bloodstream. Once in the blood stream, mannose begins coating pathogens and damaged or aberrant cells, essentially 'painting a target' on their backs. Macrophage notice this and alert the immune system.


The Macrophage is the master regulator of the immune system and in order to do that job effectively there must be a sufficient level of mannose present in the blood. In the case of most people, there is not. Mannose can be created in the human body, but requires a lot of energy and co-factors to synthesize. In order to get a sufficient amount of mannose supplementation is required. IMMUN provides the mannose needed to optimize your immune system. 

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