Natural Immune Support


Candi Frazier, BCHN, FNTP

We all want to have a strong immune system for Cold and Flu season and my clients come to me for my recommendation.  My answer almost always starts with a supplement called IMMUN, which:

  • Boosts macrophage activity by 1000%

  • Increases stem cell production by 300% - 400%

  • Elevates glutathione by 50%

What is IMMUN?

IMMUN is a proprietary supplement distributed by Alovea and contains an ingredient called Acemannan.  Acemannan is the most immune-modulating natural compound ever discovered, but is not a vitamin or mineral. It's a glyconutrient, which is a separate class of supplement unlike anything on the market. It has been clinically proven to improve your macrophage activity by up to 1,000%.  Your macrophage are the white blood cells that serve as your immune system. Acemannan also boost stem cell production by 300% to 400%, increases glutathione, a major antioxidant, by 50%, and has a host of other health-promoting effects.

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